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Dear Amcheck, My son said to me last week, "What do you do FOR the company?" It has reverberated through my mind since then. It has become a bit of a mantra for me, keeping me focused, aware of my time at work, always keeping me doing my best for Treads. I want to take a moment to tell you what my AmCheck Payroll Specialist does for your company. First and foremost, she does what she says she will do. When I put something in her hands, I know it will get done and get done correctly. She puts me at ease, is always helpful. When we are dealing with peoples money, it is a serious thing! :-) She takes her job seriously and always goes the second mile. I appreciate her willingness and her capableness. (Is that a word?) SO thank you Amcheck for letting her be on our team! - TYE M
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AmCheck, Announced Addition of Jim Gosselin as a Partner

Denver, CO, March 31, 2009 -- AmCheck, a leading provider of outsourced payroll services, benefits and HR services, today announced the addition of Jim Gosselin as a partner in its franchising division, AmCheck National Franchise Corporation.

Mr. Gosselin, a Managing Partner of AmCheck's Denver office since 2000, brings with him 15 years of business experience in the fields of Telecommunications and Payroll Outsourcing. He will assume the role of Director of Marketing and Sales in support of AmCheck's growing franchise base.

Brad Johnston, ANFC Vice-President, commented:
"We are delighted to welcome Jim to the partnership, where I know he will make an excellent contribution to our business. His considerable sales and marketing expertise and experience will further strengthen AmCheck's already strong franchise group."

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AmCheck is a national provider of Payroll Services and Professional Employer Organization PEO services. Since 1996, AmCheck has grown into one of the country's largest independent Payroll Service Bureaus, with 10 offices in 10 major cities, serving thousands of clients, and managing every aspect of payroll, taxes, employee benefits, pension plans and worker's compensation. AmCheck is a leader in Web-based payroll technology, and is recognized for its skill in harnessing and applying the latest technologies in order to improve clients' internal and external processes. AmCheck's Services are currently offered to organizations with up to 3,000 employees. Employers may take advantage of a complete payroll solution or choose to pursue individual ala carte services available.

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