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Amcheck has always been more than accommodating when it comes to payroll needs. Any issue we have ever had has been promptly fixed. Our payroll coordinator, personally goes above & beyond to keep us happy. We have been with Amcheck for over 7 years and will continue our business payroll needs with them for many years to come. - Dawn A
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AmCheck Announces the CPAdvantage: A Win-Win Referral Partnership Program

AmCheck Announces the CPAdvantage: A Win-Win Referral Partnership Program. The CPAdvantage program optimizes the CPA/client relationship, enabling Certified Public Accountants to provide more comprehensive service to their clients and reduce their workload. AmCheck’s CPA partners enjoy free payroll and promotional services, revenue sharing incentives and referral programs, and direct contact with our senior managers and key decision makers. If you want to bring the expertise and focus of AmCheck to your clients, we hope you'll consider the
CPAdvantage. Plus, if you sign up with CPAdvantage today, you'll receive a complimentary 2006 CCH US Master Tax Guide. For more information about this program, please call 1-888-AmCheck.

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