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AmCheck Announces Expansion - 08-11-2005
Phoenix, Arizona

The success of AmCheck's business model is evident in the recent expansion of their corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. The expansion is in terms of square feet as well as pairs of feet. The office space has increased by 6,000 square feet in order to accommodate the exceptional growth of AmCheck's business. "This allows us to develop stronger internal structures and strengthen our individual departments," said AmCheck's Sales Manager Marie Pfau, "which will result in top notch quality service."

Three new hires are also joining the AmCheck family. Business Development Managers Matthew Beery and Linda Hammond will be located in the Phoenix, AZ office while National Business Development Manager Ron Phares will begin assisting companies in need of AmCheck's products and services from Austin, TX. Matthew is a long time Phoenix resident while Linda is a more recent transplant from Michigan. Matthew, Linda and Ron all look forward to providing exceptional customer service as resources for companies in need of payroll services, employee benefits administration, & HR solutions.

About Amcheck:

Launched in Phoenix in 1996, Amcheck is one of the country’s largest independent Payroll Service Bureaus, serving clients in 50 states and Puerto Rico with payroll services, tax credit processing, employee benefit administration, pension plans and worker’s compensation. AmCheck has now established offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego and Austin.
Today, AmCheck is a leader in Web-based payroll services, and is recognized for its skill in harnessing and applying the latest technologies in order to improve clients’ internal and external processes.
10201 S. 51st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044

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