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Amcheck is FANTASTIC!! We have used many payroll companies in the past few years, including two of the biggest companies. AmCheck's pricing is competitive and their customer service is top notch. I will spare you the details of the nightmare situation I had with the biggest payroll company in the country and the many calls I had to make to fix an issue that was their fault. We have a primary point of contact with Amcheck and she is extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions or issues we have. Customer service is very important to us and no one compares to Amcheck! They also offer great HR services and useful networking events. Thank you Amcheck!! Sincerely, I K, G D International, Inc. - Imad K
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AmCheck HR Resource Center

Phoenix (Dec. 29, 2005) – AmCheck Payroll HR Benefits, one of the Countries fastest growing Payroll Service Organizations and Administrative Services Organization ASO rolls out enhanced Employee Online Self-Service Center.

The Employee Online Self-Service Center is available to all AmCheck’s client’s employees allowing them to view, update and print almost all personal employment related information in their employee profile.

AmCheck believes that offering such features will alleviate the hassle of maintaining employee’s ever changing status. Employees will have the ability to review and print checks stubs as well as Federal Form W-2s. This will also allow them to update their address and W-4 information making it easy to have the most current up-to-date information on your employees.

“It’s important to have accurate records on your employees throughout the year. This will minimize errors and save time for everyone involved” according to AmCheck Corporate market Manager, Jane Whitman.

To receive more information on the Employee Online Self Service center that AmCheck has to offer visit our website @ or call our offices at 1-888-amcheck.

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