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Oh Boy, We can't say enough good things about our Payroll Representative!!!! She is great!!!! She is so helpful, she is good about calling back quickly and she is so patient. We stay with Am Check because of her. The other staff is good too, but we are really glad our Payroll Representative handles our account. Thank you!!!! - Susan F
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AmCheck, Inc Wins Case Against Human Capital Strategies, Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona, February 18, 2009 -- AmCheck, a leading nationwide provider of outsourced payroll services, employee benefits and HR services, today announced that it was awarded a $200,000 judgment as well as a Permanent Injunction against Jason Knight and Lisa Knight, Human Capital Strategies, Inc. for a settlement in which AmCheck alleged a breach of contract by Jason Knight.

Additionally, AmCheck was not required to pay back commissions that Knight had sought in the amount of $76,000, which it held from Knight once the breach was realized. Knight, who had contracted with AmCheck to sell Payroll and PEO services since 2003, left AmCheck in 2008 and proceeded to solicit AmCheck's client base when a non-compete agreement was intact.

The case was filed with the Superior Court in the State of Arizona. The Permanent Injunction and Judgment was signed by Judge Edward of The Maricopa County Superior Court on 12-29-2008 and filed on 12-31-2008.

"The permanent injunction and award sends a clear message to those who want to try to benefit from our company's success in an unethical manner", said AmCheck President Dean Lucente. "We of course, wish this event had never occurred; however we are pleased the judgment was in our favor. Additionally we are grateful to be awarded compensatory damages that total $272,000 for the breach that took place. Unfortunately we can not control the actions of others at all times; but by having enforceable legal agreements in place and taking prompt legal action when violated; we were able to minimize damages."

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AmCheck is a national provider of Payroll Services and Professional Employer Organization PEO services. Since 1996, AmCheck has grown into one of the country's largest independent Payroll Service Bureaus, with 10 offices in 10 major cities, serving thousands of clients, and managing every aspect of payroll, taxes, employee benefits, pension plans and worker's compensation. AmCheck is a leader in Web-based payroll technology, and is recognized for its skill in harnessing and applying the latest technologies in order to improve clients' internal and external processes. AmCheck's Services are currently offered to organizations with up to 3,000 employees. Employers may take advantage of a complete payroll solution or choose to pursue individual ala carte services available.

For more information about AmCheck call 1.888-AMCHECK (262-4725) or visit us at http://www.amcheck.com.

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