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Hi, This testimonial is to commend my Payroll Representative. She has been very helpful to me and our Board of Director President. She will call and remind me to submit my payroll (sometimes I forget). She tells me what forms need to be completed for new employees and where the forms should be sent. She is always available to answer questions, whether on the telephone, e-mail or fax. She has advised our BOD President regarding payroll increases or bonuses for employees. She does all of these things for S S M Resort cheerfully and in a positive and professional manner. My Payroll Representative is AmCheck to me and our HOA. I hope that AmCheck knows what an asset they have in her. Sincerely, D G - Manager S S M Resort - Diana G
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AmCheck Las Vegas Launch

AmCheck is pleased to announce the opening of a new franchise in Las Vegas, NV. AmCheck Las Vegas opens for business on 09-17-2007 and will be lead by experienced payroll industry professionals Jason Stanfield and Deen Gumerson.

Mr. Stanfield and Mr. Gumerson are extremely enthusiastic and focused on bringing First class services and products to the active and dynamic Las Vegas business market. They intend not only to grow the office, but to grow it with direct involvement in the community.
The Las Vegas Franchise will be a full service office, providing clients with Payroll Services, Human Resource Solutions, Worker’s Compensation and Benefits Management in the Southern Nevada area.

According to President Dean Lucente, based in AmCheck’s Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, “We are excited for Jason and Deen and very thrilled to bring our services to one of the fastest growing cities in America; our commitment to the Business Process Outsourcing industry has never been more evident.”

This is an exciting time for AmCheck Corporation as the Las Vegas office marks the 9th AmCheck location. AmCheck and it’s employees are proud to call Phoenix AZ, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Tucson AZ, San Diego CA, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA, Schaumburg IL, and now Las Vegas, NV home (in order by open date). AmCheck is one of the largest independent payroll providers in the United States.

Visit www.amcheck.com or Call 888-AMCHECK for more information.

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