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After using ADP and Paychex, who boast that they are the largest provider for payroll services, and each time falling through their cracks, ie Garnishments, Worker's Comp Insurance, etc., AmCheck is a breath of fresh air! I can always rely on AmCheck to answer my calls, emails, or other inquiries in an timely fashion, process my payrolls efficiently and correctly, and provide me with any secondary support that I may need. AmCheck has personal one on one service which means your questions are answered quickly and correctly, not a number to call to get a case number to speak with 18 agents before you finally get anywhere-if at all! AmCheck's Online Processing platform is much less intimidating than other systems that I have used in the past! Easy and quick to learn, and puts all the control in your hands, with reporting that puts the others to shame! I don't know why we didn't leave the Company A & P in the dust sooner! - Emily U (Signature Alert)
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Social Security Trustees Project $3,600 Wage Base Increase for 2013

Social Security Trustees Project $3,600 Wage Base Increase for 2013. On April 23, the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund issued its annual report on the financial condition of the social security program. The report estimates that the social security wage base will increase to $113,700 in 2013, and that the trust funds will become exhausted in 2033 – three years sooner than was projected in last year's report.

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