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We began using Amcheck about 10 years ago. Everyone is friendly and professional. You cannot find a greater company to work with for your payroll. Any time we have a question it is always answered right away. Our payroll reports come to us on-line which is very convenient. We have referred family members who have hired Amcheck as well and are very happy. I recently had someone call me from another payroll service and before they even started talking I told them that we were very loyal to Amcheck and that they would be wasting their time to talk any further because no one could do a better job than the company we already have! We highly recommend Amcheck and encourage every company to hire them as your payroll service! - Alexis B
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State of the American Work Force

State of the American Work Force

WASHINGTON, D.C.— America is working, inflation is low, and wages are increasing. 7.4 million jobs have been created in the past 41 months, and this strong growth continues, with more than a half-million new jobs added in the past three months alone. The unemployment rate is at a low 4.6%, and American workers have seen their real after-tax personal income per person increase nearly $2,900 since January 2001.

Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao

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