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We all know that in business and in life it is the little things that count. In working with AmCheck those little things have made the difference in proving that our decision to switch to AmCheck was the right one. Running payroll has become a breeze, cost-effective and combined with 100% assurance that it is being done correctly. - Alan E (LocalOne)
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State of the American Work Force

State of the American Work Force

WASHINGTON, D.C.— America is working, inflation is low, and wages are increasing. 7.4 million jobs have been created in the past 41 months, and this strong growth continues, with more than a half-million new jobs added in the past three months alone. The unemployment rate is at a low 4.6%, and American workers have seen their real after-tax personal income per person increase nearly $2,900 since January 2001.

Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao

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