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Phoenix (May 22, 2006) – AmCheck Payroll HR Benefits, a nationwide Payroll Service and Administrative Services Organization ASO rolls out a “Super Lunch” program for corporate employees.

There’s little question that an employee who enjoys being at work and enjoys doing their work will be more productive. But as it turns out financial compensation is far from the only way to bolster employee morale. And while the security of employee benefits packages and retirement plans help create a positive workplace and a satisfied employee, they are not immediately gratifying or, more importantly, encouraging to employees. More and more, however, employers are coming to find that their employees are placing a great deal of emphasis on flexible environments and flexible scheduling. This is increasingly true, as the amount of time demanded by employers has begun to cut into personal and family time to the psychological, physical, and productive detriment of the worker.

For instance, according to The Families and Work Institute, 67 percent of employees report high levels of job satisfaction in organizations with high levels of workplace flexibility, versus 23 percent in organizations with low levels of flexibility. On the flip side, it is reported that 72 percent of employees plan to remain with their employers for the next year in organizations with high levels of workplace flexibility, versus 49 percent of organizations with low levels of flexibility.

How does this impact the bottom line? According to the The Families and Work Institute report, companies with highly committed employees had a 112 percent return to shareholders over three years, compared to 90 percent for companies with average commitment, and 76 percent for companies with low commitment.

So it is that forward thinking companies such as AmCheck, a national provider of Payroll Services and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services, are taking note of such trends and adjusting to create the most positive and productive workplace possible. Recently, AmCheck implemented an extended lunch time program called “Super Lunch” for all FULL TIME employees. Once a month full time employees are allowed, and even encouraged to take a three hour (2 hours paid) lunch break. Scheduled two weeks in advance, this extended lunch hour and may be used for shopping, errands, workouts, movies, etc.

While it does not accrue if unused and is not paid out upon termination, it has created a pleasant buzz about the AmCheck offices. According to Account Executive Toni Beckner, “I think it’s really great. I have never worked for a company that does this and it is really great. I think it improves your productivity because you have something to look forward to and you come back recharged. I definitely improves morale.”

“We wanted to do something that could create happier employees to improve job satisfaction and ultimately productivity,” says AmCheck President Dean Lucente. It seems to have paid off. For as Lucente reports, “Everyone enjoys having it. The couple of hours we loose of productivity we gain back in many ways that are intangible.”

AmCheck understands that an employee with a positive attitude impacts the bottom line in a positive way. As such AmCheck is making institutional and cultural changes to harness the power of that dynamic.

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