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We have been with AmCheck for a couple of years and have been working directly with our rep every week. I have never put a question or challenge to our rep that she has not tackled and made my job easier for me. It has been a real pleasure working with AmCheck & our payroll specialist. - Roberta
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Understanding Your Pay Check

What your paycheck wants you to know

Whether you need a better understanding of the payroll system or want to reduce employee questions in the payroll department, Understanding Your Pay has the answers.

Available as a resource through the sponsorship of American Payroll Association, sponsored by Global Cash Card, this eBook gives you valuable and useful information, all in one place.

Understaning Your Check

You'll find detailed information about:

  • Paycheck basics
  • Your pay stub and taxes
  • Pre-tax and after-tax deductions
  • Your rights and responsibilities in the workplace

Courtesy of AmCheck:

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