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AmCheck has been processing our payroll needs for a year now, and they are very responsive to our needs. We find the service to be complete and accurate, and since we are a small company it really helps to have one less thing to worry about! We have our own "go to" person for any questions or needs, and our person, My rep. responds immediately to any questions and keeps us up to date. Using the service is easy and no hassles! Thank You! - Linda S
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Web-based Reporting Tool Now Available

WriteChoice Report Writer, AmCheck's new web-based ad-hoc reporting tool, is now available. The useful tool provides access to an expanded amount of data, including labor allocation data. It also supports 

cross-company reporting; offers advanced sorting, grouping totaling and filtering; affords control of grid styles, colors, fonts and graphing; and outputs data in a number of formats, including PDF, Excel and comma-separated text files.


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