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I joined PTSI, Inc. in August of 2007. Prior to joining the company they had previously used two other payroll companies. The changes where made because of the complete lack of service provided. When I came to work for the company the problems continue to exist with the payroll service provider. After careful consideration, I decided to look elsewhere for yet another provider. Searching the internet, I found AmCheck. After negotiating a contract with the sales representative, we switched our service to AmCheck. Our sales person had made many promises in our negotiations. I even stated at the time, "the last thing that I want is for you to over promise and under deliver." He assured me that would not be the case. We struck gold! The switch to AmCheck was one of the best decision that we made. Their service has positively been second to none. AmCheck... job well done! To my sales rep - you absolutely delivered all that was promised... and then some!! Thanks, DW. P, CPA Corporate Controller PTSI, Inc. - David W
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WriteChoice Product Launch

AmCheck announces today the availability of a powerful new web-based, ad-hoc reporting tool: WriteChoice. This innovative tool provides AmCheck Client administrators and key decision-makers with valuable business insights by enabling convenient extraction of important payroll and HR data and empowering users to quickly produce customized, sharable reports. WriteChoice is a valuable asset for those who manage operations across multiple employer identification numbers, allowing decision-makers to gain an enterprise-wide or division-wide perspective. Designed to maximize flexibility, WriteChoice streamlines reporting functions and administrative activities and provides users with significant new exporting and reporting capabilities.

This powerful new tool greatly expands the addressable dataset to include labor allocation information and from/to reporting. The datasets are designed to focus on specific groups to make selection fast and easy, but all contain common elements to eliminate the need to join datasets. The new reporting tool also supports cross-company consolidated reporting.

WriteChoice enables users to save and copy reports so they may be shared easily. In addition, it supplies advanced sorting, grouping, totaling and filtering functionalities, all while providing control over grid styles, colors and fonts. WriteChoice enables production of professional reports that may be customized with company logos and features advanced graph production capabilities. Reports may also be output in a number of data formats, including PDF, Excel and comma-separated text files.

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