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I have nothing to say but wonderful things about AmCheck! From the very beginning they have been extremely attentive and helpful. I'd never worked with a payroll service before I came to work for my company, so the whole process was new to me. My AmCheck rep was very patient and walked me through everything (sometimes twice!). He or someone on his staff always answers phone calls and emails within 10 minutes, even on busy payroll days. Whenever I have something odd to deal with in a payroll (the occasional unpaid time off for a salaried employee, leaves of absence, bonuses), I let my Payroll Representative know in an email, and he takes care of it. If a mistake happens (nearly always an entry error on my part), AmCheck takes care of it, usually at no cost to me. Mistakes on their part are extremely rare, and AmCheck always fixes the problem immediately, taking care of any fees or expenses that resulted from the error. They don't pressure us into services we don't need, and their fees are less than half of what ADP wanted to charge us. We're a small company, and every dollar counts. We went with AmCheck purely on the cost initially, thinking we may have to deal with poor service as the trade-off, and we've been pleasantly surprised again and again with how great they've been. They make my job easier. We are completely satisfied with AmCheck! - Sherry G
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Today's Date: Tuesday September 27, 2016

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