4 Ways to Simplify Open Enrollment

This year, prepare and plan for the easiest open enrollment ever –  both for you and the employees.
It’s that time of year again, the dreaded enrollment season where HR professionals have to make important decisions about the company benefits for the upcoming year. Traditionally, HR departments are under great stress this time of year, with an increase in tasks and no additional staff to shoulder the work. And with the rising cost of medical coverage, employees are dually under pressure to manage the decisions about their health and dental insurance. (more…)

AmCheck Opens New Office in Salt Lake City, UT

New SLC location marks AmCheck’s 11th location and 10th Payroll Processing Center

Phoenix, AZ – November 18, 2009 – AmCheck Corporation, a leading provider of payroll services and managed human resource and benefit solutions for employers of all sizes that utilize the services to maintain regulatory compliance and efficiency for all aspects of employee management, today announced it has opened a new franchise office in Salt Lake City, Utah. This particular location is in a market in which local employers are under-served by the current payroll services. (more…)

Are you willing to lose 40% of your dissatisfied customers?

When you think about the most important aspects of your customer service process, what comes to mind? Are you most concerned with how long a customer has to stay on hold before they’re helped? (more…)

Bilingual Employees

Hiring Bilingual Employees for your benefit

In almost every state in the nation, financial and accounting executives are grappling with an increased need for bilingual employees. (more…)

Computer Forensics: Unique computer use policy

A new trend in the American workplace: Computer Forensics

The investigator waited until midnight, when the plant was empty, and thousands of computers had “slipped into screen-saver slumber.” Furtively, he sat in front of a colleague’s personal computer. In half an hour, the detective made an exact copy of the colleague’s hard drive. Then, using a program called Encase, he uncovered hundreds of pornographic images, which eventually cost the coworker his job. (more…)

Developing Your People

Workforce Development: The characteristic of a successful company

One might think workforce development is an obvious characteristic of all successful companies and their managers. (more…)

DHS Launches E-Verify Self Check

E-Verify Self Check

Self Check gives workers fast and secure access to their employment eligibility information before they apply for jobs. (more…)

Employee Evaluations & Appraisal

Are you giving Fair Employee Performance Evaluation and Appraisal for Employee Retention?

Everybody likes getting a good “report card.”  Unfortunately, our society’s educational grading process programs us to expect an “A” for average performance – for completing (more…)

Employee Hiring Assessment: Hiring Permanent Employees to eliminate hiring errors

As we move toward greener economic pastures, many managers and employers are struggling with the question of how to make the best hiring decisions and get expert employee hiring assessment. (more…)

Employee Recruiting Wars

Tips for winning the loyalties of employees

Companies who are winning the employee recruiting wars have a couple of simple tactics for winning the loyalties of the best employees. (more…)

Employee Retention Strategies

Sometimes you just make the best out of a bad situation: Use employee retention programs

In an economy when good help is hard to find, dismissing or firing trained workers takes an especially big bite out of the company budget. (more…)

Employee Training and Development

Employee Training: Giving company an edge

In today’s tight job market, one of your major obstacles to finding and retaining the best employees has become employee training.  (more…)

Employee/workplace Dress code : What to do when professionalism and personality collide?

Nationwide Payroll Tax Payment and Filing Service Provider

Trends change in the workplace, and when the “status quo,” or what consumers have come to expect collides with practicality or legality, employers are left juggling some confusing questions about how to achieve professionalism while accommodating the tastes of their employees and complying with laws. (more…)

Free Webinar About New GINA Regulations

10 May, 2011 – New regulations issued under GINA (the new Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may already be affecting the way you do business. Learn more about this act at a free webinar on May 19 and June 2. (more…)

Helping With Employee Relations Challenges

Improve Employee Relations: What are your employee corrective processes?

Do you know you have a Human Resources professional available to help you with your employee relations challenges? (more…)

Hiring Minors: Fair Labor Standard

Prevent your company from child labor law violations – FLSA

At the conclusion of a long school year, when students have completed their final exams, the Employment Policy Foundation estimates that over 60% of teenagers, between the ages of 16-19, will look for summer employment. (more…)

How to Host a Safe Holiday Celebration

Employee Holiday Gift: Safe Holiday Celebration

“Tis the season to be jolly…”. The holiday season is fast approaching, signaling the start of employer celebrations across the country.  The end of the year is an opportune time to show appreciation to hard-working employees whose dedication has helped you succeed. (more…)

How to Protect Your Business

Worker Comp Premium: Protect your business from worker’s compensation penalties

Failing to report all employees to our company can be an expensive proposition.

For example, a drywall contractor was fined $361,000 for failing to provide worker comp premium. (more…)

Increasing Your Hire Power

Employee Hiring Assessment Services- Tips to efficient employee hiring.

Had trouble hiring a qualified employee lately?  If so, you certainly aren’t alone.

The current low unemployment rates (as low as 3% in some states), coupled with an increased demand for employees with better-than-average job skills, making the hiring pool “shallower” than ever. (more…)

Making your workplace a Drug Free Workplace

Free Workplace Act

Small Businesses are the newest draftees in the U.S. Government’s War Against Drugs, as new legislation regarding drugs in the workplace has recently become federal law.  (more…)

Manager’s Training

Employee Training and Development: Poor performance has many causes

“Did you hire the wrong person, or did you ruin him after you hired him?”  That is a question you must consider before terminating an employee because of poor performance.  (more…)

Never Hire Another Dud!

Employee Assessment Services: Use skills assessments testing to help the “weed out” process

Jose manages the IT department in a large firm that has been hit hard by the slow economy.  (more…)

Pay Attention: Improving Listening Skills

Listening skill requires conscientious practice

You’ve probably heard the old one-liner: “He was too poor to pay attention!”

Maybe he was poor because he didn’t pay attention! Does the following conversation sound like a meeting you’ve attended? (more…)

Random Drug Testing

Workplace Random Drug Testing: Is it worth the costs?

When you add up the hidden costs of hiring an employee with a substance abuse problem (increased absenteeism, loss of productivity (more…)

Sexual Harassment Training for Company

Sexual Harassment Training: Mandated by new California law

One of the more significant pieces of California legislation that went into effect on January 1, 2005, was AB 1825.  This law requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment training and education to all supervisory employees by the end of 2005.  It also mandates that these employees will receive sexual harassment training and education once every two years after January 1, 2006. (more…)

Soothing Stress

Workplace Stress Management Training: Stress relievers that might help you

Suppose you lost your car keys this week. That might be bad enough, but suppose you were also in the middle of a nasty divorce situation, you had a daughter who was habitually sloughing school, and you were faced with losing your best customer because deliveries were constantly behind schedule. To overcome this one needs workplace stress management training. (more…)

That was Then

Temporary Staffing Services: Is your vision of the temp staffing service industry still “Old School”? (more…)

The Employment Situation in July: 2010

With recent pandemic flu outbreaks, some employers have grown confused as to which types of employee absences from work may be protected by the federal Family Medical Leave of Absence Act (FMLA). (more…)

Top 5 Employee Training Tips

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” (Lao Tzu)

The thought of employee training can elicit a groan from even the most dedicated managers. (more…)

Top 5 Tips for Writing an Employment Policy Manual

When it comes to employee benefit administration, most employers have an Employee Handbook or Employee Policy Manual that is given to every new hire upon their start date. (more…)

Types of 1099 Tax Forms

It takes all types to make the world go ’round. And so it goes with 1099 forms. But with new tax legislation hitting businesses from all angles, it’s a wonder businesses are able to keep their ducks in a row. (more…)

Upgrade your status in work place

Improving Workplace Habits: Developing good workplace habits bring positive results

You can improve your status in the workplace by mastering a few positive habits and improving workplace habits. According to Andrea Nierenberg, corporate training consultant, just a few modifications in your work habits and developing good work habits can bring better self-esteem, a more efficient workday, and maybe even a pay raise.

Here are some suggested workplace resolutions for improving workplace habits:

  • Respond to everyone in a timely manner. Return all phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours. This applies to clients, co-workers, boss, etc.
  • Say “thank you.” Be specific as you express sincere appreciation. Do something extra to let others know you value their assistance. Gratitude fosters workplace harmony.
  • Improve your communication skills.  Listen well when you’re spoken to. Repeat or paraphrase what was said. Let others know that they and their concerns are important to you.
  • Appreciate uniqueness. Learn to enjoy the different personalities in your workplace. Take time to talk and deal with people in their own “language.” If someone prefers communicating by e-mail, send your message online. If another requires a paper memo, write it.
  • Create and follow agendas. Meetings with agendas keep everyone on the “same page,” and meeting time to a minimum. Avoid the human tendency to deviate to irrelevant topics.

Don’t get discouraged as you take on some or all of these resolutions. Studies have shown that behavior becomes habit only after an average of 30 days of practice.

Focus on one modification at a time. Master it, and then add another. As you work towards improving workplace habits, even if the desired pay raise is slow in coming, you will find more joy and more opportunity in your current employment.

Source: Jaine Carter and James D. Carter, “Upgrade your position in workplace,” The Washington Times, HR News Wire.

Get a quote for Improving Workplace Habits.

Use Caution in Hiring and Firing

Avoid discrimination lawsuits

One of the advantages of outsourcing to a Professional Employment Organization PEO or Administrative Service Organization ASO such as AmCheck, is the fact that your PEO/ASO’s Human Resource Department can help you decipher some of the legal technicalities that exist as a result of Federal Legislation regarding discrimination.  This is part of the reason many PEOs may be involved in the process of hiring and firing at the worksite–it is one of many methods we use to protect you from risk of discrimination lawsuits.

Legal changes in recent years have made it more and more difficult to avoid legal tangles with prospective, existing, and former employees.  Consider, for example the caution you must exercise with regard to employee relations as a result of sexual harassment litigation.  What about the way you treat your older employees as a result of The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) to avoid age discrimination lawsuit, or the way you accommodate disabled employees because of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?

In addition to these federal laws, there may be local or state laws with which an employer must comply.  Each of these laws must also be taken into consideration when promoting, demoting, or transferring employees to other departments.

Always consult with our HR Department before taking employment action.  The HR Fact Finder recommends that you protect your company from costly legal battles by avoiding impulsive hiring, termination, transfers, promotions, etc.  A company whose decisions in these areas are carefully considered should be able to avoid most legal tangles involved in discrimination lawsuits.

A Case In Point:
A recent “Corporate Downsizing” in a large firm resulted in the decision to transfer 5 women (including one female manager with over 12 years of tenure) to another department and offer them reduced compensation.  The female manager was to be replaced by a male with less experience.  All five of the women hired attorneys, because in spite of the fact that this was probably a well-intentioned attempt to make the department more efficient, the move looked like it may have been prompted by an act of discrimination. This article brought to you by AmCheck. Visit us at www.amcheck.com.

Source: HR Fact Finder- This article excerpted from an article formerly entitled, “Human Resources:  Some Cautions about Hiring and Firing”.

Why Leave Hiring to Chance?

Employee assessment tools – What to do when professionalism and personality collide

Are you good or are you lucky?  Would you take $10,000.00 of your company’s money to the casino and let it ride on one bet? How many times might you be able to do this before the odds put you into a losing situation? Are you gambling with the company’s money by filling open positions without first testing applicants?

It is clearer than ever before that running a successful and profitable business hinges on hiring the right people. Selecting the best candidate is a major responsibility. It is also a great opportunity! It’s an opportunity to build a highly productive team, ensuring growth and tremendous success. In the New York Times best seller, “GOOD TO GREAT”, Jim Collins, a renowned business research author, makes it clear. “You must start by getting the right people on the bus.”

Consider this…

The cost of recruiting, screening, hiring, training and then losing an employee is unquestionably high. Ultimately, managers today will be evaluated on their contributions and performance. To achieve the efficiency and productivity expected, managers must learn to “improve the chances” of hiring the right person the first time.  Like a roll of the dice, a hiring decision can be unpredictable.

Most managers don’t take advantage of technology that exists to “get better odds” in making selection decisions. Employee assessment tools can help “hedge the bet”. Whether the position is in accounting, a call center, an industrial environment or healthcare, technology is available to assess a wide variety of skills.

This technology allows managers to measure candidate skills with greater certainty.  It’s convenient. Candidates can test from a computer with an Internet connection at any time. Instant results are available, providing comprehensive reports that include proficiency rated by skill type, task type and category.

Take care to ensure that testing is validated. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires that screening tests are applied with impartiality to protect applicants from discriminatory employment procedures.

  • Is the skill being tested vital for job performance?
  • Does the skill or trait measured influence successful performance of the job?
  • Is the question content related to performance of a particular job or duty?

Multiple employee assessment tools and skill testing systems are available. Proper due diligence and professional implementation of a skill and assessment process most beneficial to your organization is of utmost importance.

  • What types of assessment tools are needed?
  • What about future flexibility? (Change is inevitable)
  • How much does it cost to implement?
  • How much time does it add to the process?
  • Can it be outsourced effectively?

With hiring tools like this available to you, why leave anything to chance?

Our company is committed to helping our clients succeed through utilization of proven effective human resource practices. For more information about skill & assessment tools available through our company, please contact our Human Resources Department.

AmCheck offers nationwide Employee Assessment Tools & Services. Get a quote for Pre-Employment Assessment Services by Amcheck.