Bilingual Employees

Hiring Bilingual Employees for your benefit

In almost every state in the nation, financial and accounting executives are grappling with an increased need for bilingual employees.

Demand for hiring bilingual employees is primarily increasing within financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, and life sciences sectors, according to Chris van Someren, president, Global Markets, at Los Angeles-based Korn/Ferry International. His company specializes in executive recruitment.

Whether you’re trying to meet the needs of immigrant customers who do not speak English, or because increasing globalization has made it difficult to do business in one language, the temporary staffing industry may be your best tool for recruiting top bilingual employees. Here’s why:

  • As the U.S. population diversifies, you’ll want to stay ahead of the competition as you market to different ethnic groups. If you want to attract and market to the Hispanic population, you need Spanish-speaking staff. It’s that simple.
  • Our firm assists with “testing” to help you make sure that applicants who say they are bilingual, really are. For example, is your Spanish-speaking candidate proficient in business or technical vocabulary?
  • On the flip side, we can verify that a candidate who speaks Spanish fluently also has the skills necessary for the position.
  • We work constantly to collaborate with firms that have access to employees with unique language skills. If you need an accountant who speaks Mandarin Chinese, you can spend hours beating the bushes, or you can let us do the footwork.
  • You may have a short-term language need. If you have a temporary need to communicate with a Brazilian company, it doesn’t make sense to have a full-time Portuguese-speaker on the payroll.
  • If we supply a worker who happens to be the perfect fit, permanent placement options can allow you to hire that worker full-time.

One of our associates can meet with you briefly to discuss your company’s unique language and communication needs. Our employee screening services are designed to meet your requirement of bilingual employees. Please call today.

Source: Teiseira, Julian. “More Companies Recruit Bilingual Employees.” Employment Management Today. Fall 2004. Vol 9, No. 4.

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