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Add a mix of screening tools

Employers, who use a variety of screening tools as part of the hiring process, tend to be more satisfied with the overall results of their hiring search, according to HR Wire.

Virtually all employers check references, and most use a structured interview or employ background checks, but other tools exist which are seldom used, and which may increase the likelihood that your potential employee is perfectly suited to his or her new position. As an added benefit, the employees who participate in a more structured hiring process (scripted interviews, applications and validated skills tests), are generally better satisfied with the hiring process as well.

Listed here are a few of the screening tools used by other employers. Many of them are available to you as part of AmCheck services. Numbers refer to the percentage of employers who use each particular screening technique:

   Reference Checks95%96%
   Structured Interviews74%73%
   Background Checks70%73%
   Drug Tests 68%64%
   Structured Applications63% 60%
   Skills Tests55% 23%
   Realistic Job Previews30% 27%
   Behavioral Assessments18% 22%
Source: HR Wire

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