Building a Base of Employee Loyalty

Recently released studies have confirmed what most of us already know—employees are not as “loyal” (meaning committed to staying with a single employer) as they have historically been. In fact, statistics indicate that the trend to “always keep the door open to better opportunities” is increasing rather than declining. As evidence, experts point to the fact that employees are not just jumping from job to job, they’re actually moving to a new country in order to get the benefits they expect.

Respondents in a survey published by Walker Information and the Hudson Institute (both of Indianapolis) said that while the trend of job-hopping is becoming global, the solution for eliminating employee retention problems is global as well. How do you rank your company’s effectiveness at providing these necessary benefits?

  • I show my employees fairness, care, concern and trust
  • I give workers the freedom to make their own decisions at work
  • I provide fair wages
  • I provide fair job evaluations
  • I make an investment in my employees’ future success
  • I provide family-friendly benefits

While some of these benefits are influenced solely by your personal management style, most are benefits we can help you establish or improve. Call our office today to ask about management training opportunities, or to discuss methods we can use to help you determine if your compensation levels, benefits, and evaluation practices need to be revised. Part of our job is to make you a better employer!