Cutting Edge Business Practices: PEO Services

The Professional Employer Organization

When we think of cutting-edge business practices and technologies, we think of improvements or advancements that are so influential they revolutionize entire industries.

Consider, for example, the invention of machine tools. They made it possible to produce articles with interchangeable parts because for the first time, a worker could make a cut in a piece of metal that was accurate to the millionth of an inch. An identical cut could be made again and again and again. The result was the ability to mass-produce articles without seriously compromising quality. That was “cutting-edge” technology.

The growth of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry represents a similar revolution. For the first time, you have access to assistance in complying with increased regulatory demands. You can get help dealing with business threats that did not exist in the past (such as sexual harassment suits). You can offer your employees benefits that make it possible for you to retain a competitive workforce. “Cutting-edge” indeed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Enrollment with a PEO allows businesses to increase efficiency and focus on core growth because many of the “annoying details” can be handled by the PEO.

  • Have problems with FLSA compliance? Your PEO has it under control.
  • Need advice about how to prevent accidents and lower workers’ compensation premiums? Your PEO has a professional on-staff that is trained to see safety risks you might overlook.
  • Are you interested in offering a 401k program and teaching your employees how to assess their retirement needs? We’ve got that covered too.

These and a host of other benefits are available to you, and chances are that our PEO company can offer them to you for less than you’re already paying. Being on the cutting edge is what business is all about. Maybe it’s time to sharpen your tools.