Achieve comprehensive benefits services with superior management

AmCheck® offers an employee benefits solution for your business that's unlike any other system available today. We remove the burden of finding the best insurance options by researching insurers and their plan options and highlighting only what fits your business needs and budget. The size of our company and our extensive reach allows us to offer competitive rates from name-brand insurers. After program selection, we take care of registration, maintain your records and integrate benefits with payroll.

Our online benefit enrollment makes it easy for you and your employees to update info at any time. With this online service, employees can select, enroll, verify and print out insurance ID cards online, anytime. We even handle the renewal process for you.

Provide and/or administer group health, dental, vision, life, disability and more

AmCheck offers competitive rates coupled with complete benefit administration and customer service for your employee participants. Our insurers are nationally known brand names, and thanks to AmCheck, you can get the most competitive rates available. We integrate your benefits with your payroll and also offer proactive renewal processes.

AmCheck offers HMO, PPO, POS and HSA plans. For more information, fill out an AmCheck census form or call  
1-888-AMCHECK so we can provide you with the information you need.

COBRA Administration Services

Our COBRA solutions help you manage the risks of litigation involved with these complex laws. AmCheck has been administering COBRA since 1996. We constantly monitor COBRA and regulations to ensure complete compliance.

Proactive compliance

Your best business strategy. AmCheck’s COBRA solutions help you manage the risks of non-compliance.

Demonstrated return on investment

Our solution manages COBRA to the direct benefit of your organization. Reduce capital outlay and see quick returns.


Data security is paramount only authorized users can access data. Unmatched support services and help every step of the way. AmCheck provides the support your organization needs to manage COBRA.

Comprehensive and Flexible

  • Initial notifications of COBRA rights and obligations.
  • COBRA Qualifying Event notices including all postage and handling.
  • AmCheck deals directly with participants on all COBRA issues.
  • Consistent, fair and accurate review of eligibility in compliance with the law.
  • We handle all questions from participants.
  • Your staff can call AmCheck toll-free to reach our COBRA professionals.
  • Fax-back services for you and your continuants.
  • Monthly continuant billings, grace letters and collection of premiums.
  • Retention of proof on all critical transactions.

Section 125 cafeteria plan administration

AmCheck takes the confusion out of implementing and administering a cafeteria plan. We can help you receive pre-tax section 125 advantages, such as:

  • Reduced FICA and employer payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare)
  • Reduced federal withholding tax
  • Reduced state withholding tax (where applicable)
  • Improved employee morale and increased employee satisfaction (less turnover)
  • Enhanced employee benefits

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA is the fastest-growing benefit enhancement today because they allow pre-tax payroll deduction for some insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses and child/dependent care expenses. Employers save through reduced FICA and federal unemployment tax.  Employees gain the advantage of having healthcare expenses paid before tax, resulting in immediate savings.

Child care tax credit & dependent care account management

Reduce the cost of your employee's dependent care by offering a dependent care reimbursement account which allows up to $5,000 in annual contributions. The same IRS rules apply for Child Care Credit, however, unused funds cannot be returned. You don't need to subsidize this program for your employees to benefit.  We make offering this valued benefit easy by setting up and administering the plan for you.

Online benefit enrollment

Our online benefit enrollment system delivers the payroll integration technology you need to offer, administer and participate in benefits. All benefit data is loaded into to ensure plan details, personalized benefit profiles, and customized brochures are accurate.  Through, employee participants verify their elections and waivers, provide updated information when necessary and can print out a temporary insurance card.  All data is seamlessly transferred for prompt carrier set up, payroll deductions and employee email notification. This enables payroll deductions to be set up for tracking, auditing and accurate carrier payments. COBRA notifications are automatically sent, and COBRA payments are collected and maintained in the event of employee termination.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As part of the EAP, all of these services and more are available to you, your family
and anyone living in your household:

  • Relationship and marital issues
  • Emotional, parenting, and grief & loss issues
  • Substance abuse
  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Child/elder care resources
  • Legal or financial consultation and will preparation
  • Up to 3 face-to-face counseling sessions per incident
  • Wellness information and work/life resources

Employee Hotline

Should your employees ever find themselves in a situation where they perceive misconduct or wrongful behavior, AmCheck and National Hotline Services (NHS) provide a toll-free number for them to call anytime, 365 days a year. This compliance, ethics and HR hotline helps to identify problems early so they can be solved internally, providing an anonymous, safe outlet for employees. Here's what you receive when you enroll your company:

  • Hotline professionals trained in compliance matters, available 24/6/365
  • Hotline posters and wallet cards
  • Detailed call reports within one day of the call
  • Monthly benchmarking and call trend reports
  • Compliance experts and training

Retain and attract valuable employees with a comprehensive and streamlined benefits program designed to serve your needs and theirs. Contact us.

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