Identity Theft

AmCheck in partnership with LifeLock®, a leader in identity theft protection, offers AmCheck Client's Employees in the U.S. a 40% discount on LifeLock's identity protection membership.

LifeLock works to help stop identity theft before it happens by proactively reducing a person's risk - even if their information falls into the wrong hands. And whatever LifeLock doesn't stop, they will fix at their expense, up to one million dollars. Additional services include:

  • eRecon™- Patrols the Internet for the illegal selling of your name
  • WalletLock™ - Helps replace the contents of a lost or stolen wallet
  • TrueAddress™ - Notifies you when a change of address is requested on your behalf
  • Reducing junk mail and pre-approved credit card offers
  • Requesting free annual credit reports on your behalf

The LifeLock identity protection membership is available to employees and their family members for $66.00 a year or $6.00 a month. For more information on LifeLock and how to enroll, click here to visit their website.

Contact your local AmCheck Office for the AmCheck Specific Promotional Code.

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