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On our first day of business, V Consulting Corporation had 3 employees working in two states on a government contract and there was no time for a learning curve and no room for errors. After contacting several payroll processing and human resource service providers, the conversation we had with the AmCheck representative was a dramatic contrast. Instead of sales agents who were eager to sell us services we did not require and quick to intimidate us with labor policies that didn't apply to our company we experienced an AmCheck representative who calmly walked us through the minimum requirements and pointed out what was NOT required of our very small business. Instead of bullying us and misrepresenting state labor laws, he offered us the information we needed to make critical decisions as well as an array of resources available to support us. AmCheck has been an invaluable team member. We have been able to add a third state in which we do business with little effort and a great deal of support. Ultimately the AmCheck payroll team has given us the freedom to focus on taking care of our employees and customers without being bogged down with a complex administrative process that has been compounded by having employees working in 3 states. - Lorraine C
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Ensure easy retirement services for you and your employees

No matter the size of your business, AmCheck's full range of options will help you offer a retirement plan that fits. You save time and sidestep the complications of administration while we ensure a seamless exchange of information between payroll and the investment provider.

We offer a complete range of options from sophisticated 401(k) portfolios to tailored IRA-based plans. Whether you want to establish and fund a plan yourself or opt for one with minimal involvement, we set up and maintain a program to suit your needs. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the details are covered and your employees are saving for their futures.

AmCheck®sponsored 401(k) and other retirement plans

AmCheck offers a full range of retirement plan options to fit all business sizes.  AmCheck sponsors a 401(k) option as well as administering options from respected third-party providers.  Our portfolio of third-party options include 403(b), payroll deduction IRA, traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP and SARSEP plans.  We will help you select the options that best fit your company's needs.

Electronic funds remittance and reporting to retirement plan carriers

When you want your 401(k) plan to run like clockwork and your deferrals and matching funds to arrive quickly at the carrier, AmCheck is the right choice. We provide third-party payment checks each pay period, each month or on demand. We direct deposit third-party payments or create a third-party check by grouping together deductions from multiple employees. Your deposits will be recorded quickly without losing days of interest or growth because of transfer time.

Plan testing and census reporting service

Our providers are nationally known brand names and thanks to AmCheck, you can get the most competitive options. We integrate your retirement offerings with your payroll and back it up with outstanding customer service for you and your employee participants. For more information, fill out an AmCheck census form or call 1-888-AMCHECK so we can provide you with the information you need.

Employee deferrals and company match set up through payroll

As part of AmCheck's payroll services complete integration, employee deferrals are set up as part of payroll services.  The integration offers processing efficiency, employee contribution and company matching fund accuracy. We make the process seamless.

Administration of third-party retirement plans

We handle the administration of third-party retirement plans, from deductions to money transfers. Our payroll integration ensures a seamless information flow between you and the investment provider. AmCheck will provide:

  • Plan testing and census reporting
  • Employee deferrals and company match set up through payroll
  • Fund and data transfers to investment providers every pay period
  • Required legal documents and federal forms 5500, 1099-R and 945
  • Daily valuation, quarterly management reports and participant statements
  • Employer assistance through a toll-free support line, guidebook and enrollment support
  • Loan modeling and administration with distribution processing for qualifying events

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