Employee Hiring Assessment: Hiring Permanent Employees to eliminate hiring errors

As we move toward greener economic pastures, many managers and employers are struggling with the question of how to make the best hiring decisions and get expert employee hiring assessment.

Yes, the economy looks better, but can you afford to make hiring errors right now? Replacing an employee can be costly

Experts estimate that you will spend up to 35% of a job’s annual salary looking for a suitable replacement employee. The costs can include recruiting expenses, more wasted time reading resumes and interviewing, loss of productivity, decreased morale among co-workers who must handle added work burdens while managers search for a replacement, and of course, training costs for the new employee.

Three suggestions will help you make better employee hiring assessment decisions:

  • Avoid interviewing errors
  • Learn how to evaluate a candidate’s work habits
  • Consider non-traditional hiring options such as permanent placement.

Avoid interviewing errors
One of the costliest employee hiring practices that managers make is premature decision-making when hiring new employees. Typically, the executive doing the interviewing makes a hiring decision within the first five to nine minutes of the interview, and these decisions are often based on “gut feeling” rather than hard facts. Great managers must learn to hire with their heads rather than their hearts. Hiring the best people is the simplest way to turn yourself into a “superb” manager. The extra effort it requires is almost always worth it.

Discuss work habits
While a prospective employee may have a great resume, it’s pretty tough to tell what his or her work ethic is like. She may possess exactly the skill-set you’re looking for, yet be a chronic latecomer. Another prospect’s confidence and poise may mask his tendency to be condescending to his subordinates, or hide the fact that he was dismissed from his last job for harassing co-workers.

As a manager, you’ll need to key in on six or eight of the “work habits” that are indispensable at your workplace, and ask questions that will help you assess whether or not the potential employee possesses those habits. Maybe you value integrity above all else, or perhaps sensitivity to diversity is important in your corporate culture. Asking about past experiences related to these necessary work habits is one good method of discovering the individual who is the best “fit.”

Permanent Placement
Yet another option is to consider permanent placement. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to perform exhaustive recruiting and careful, thorough interviews, we can help. Because it is our business to recruit, select, and refer the best candidates, you can depend on our ability to find a candidate who best meets the needs of your company.

We’re pleased to help you discover the ideal candidates for your permanent workforce. Please contact our office today to learn more about permanent placement options.

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