Employee Recruiting Wars

Tips for winning the loyalties of employees

Companies who are winning the employee recruiting wars have a couple of simple tactics for winning the loyalties of the best employees.

First, they understand that helping employees be better people ultimately gives the company itself an edge against the competition.  Second, they recognize that every employee’s contribution counts.

Employee Skill Development
The best firms “don’t get ahead with clever recruiting tactics, unusual perks or a big budget.  Instead, they commit to giving employees both the tools to succeed and steady recognition throughout their careers,” according to What’s Working in Human Resources Newsletter. We offer employee skill development training courses on a variety of subjects. Allowing your lower-level employees to attend these and other job-related seminars sends the message that everyone has a future, not just the “top brass.”

Recognizing Employee Contributions
Businesses who are successful at recruiting and maintaining a superb workforce say that part of the secret is being sure that every employee’s contribution to the company is valued.   Keep in mind also, that the most highly valued “reward” is not a T-shirt or a pizza party.  Employees value praise or recognition from a supervisor above and beyond any other form of job reward, including bonuses.  People like to be thanked for their hard work.  They like knowing someone noticed.

As your reputation develops, your word-of mouth recruiting should bring you some top-notch employees.  Meanwhile, count on us to help give your company an edge in providing the benefits and training that attract the best employees, and keep them on board.

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