Employee Self-Service Online
My AmCheck Payroll Specialist is always very accommodating and helpful in all of my dealings with her. I appreciate the partnership she has created with our business. She is thorough and understanding in all questions that I pose to her. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I have someone that I can trust and rely on whenever I need them. - Patrick L
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Web-Based Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Employee attendance software and employee attendance system for accurate payroll processing

Our web-based time and attendance software eliminates manual time tracking and provides total HR functionality, such as leave requests, an accrual policy rules engine, rate calculation, audit trails, ad-hoc reporting and tiered security access. It is easy to use, intuitive and flexible, allowing users to navigate the system the first time, with little or no assistance. Employees can even use it to request time-off, log time and view vacation, sick or personal time-off balances.

Other benefits of our employee attendance tracking software include:

  • Low implementation costs and monthly fees
  • Full analysis and setup guidance
  • Efficient online training for administrators
  • Expertise and support included
  • Highly-secure environment
  • Routine archive and backup
  • Complete scalability
  • Health care reform compliance

Having web-based employee time and attendance software does not mean you can't use hardware. You can use desktops, tablets and mobile phones along with many different time-clock hardware devices.

AmCheck's employee time and attendance software also allows you to do the following:

Enjoy Full Integration with Payroll

Built around several open technology standards, our web-based employee attendance tracking software has a built-in, seamless interface with AmCheck's payroll system. This allows users a single point of entry for new hires and changes to existing employees.

Stop Paying For Nonproductive Time

During your average workweek, about 4 percent of all full-time workers are absent from their job because of injury, illness or a variety of other reasons. The absences often go unrecorded and are time consuming for supervisors and managers to handle. By properly accounting for productive time, you can save money while encouraging improved attendance.

Get Overtime Costs Under Control

Automated solutions assure that your company's normal working hours are fully utilized, reducing the need for expensive overtime. AmCheck's web-based time and attendance software eliminates payment of unapproved or fraudulent overtime and reduces employee payroll grievances through consistent application of company, union and government overtime rules.

Reduce Expensive Payroll Errors

Most time recording processes are paper-based or built around obsolete technology that doesn't consider complex business rules. The resulting hidden costs of payroll calculation errors, unauthorized overtime and employee payroll grievances can often add up to 15 percent of a company's annual payroll.