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My brother and I employ 26 people and we issue payroll every other week. Prior to switching our payroll processing to AmCheck (we were formally with a large national company) anytime we had payroll problems the remedy was usually hours on the phone with an "account manager" who did not know our business and who had no vested interest in our satisfaction because they were just collecting an hourly paycheck to answer my calls. The sooner they could get me off the phone the sooner they could go back to surfing the web. I am a local business and I am involved in my business on a daily basis and every customer matters and that is the kind of company with which I want to do business. AmCheck and their staff care about me and my business because that is their business. That is a win win situation. I am staying with AmCheck because when I am buying payroll processing I am really buying service. - Ryan C (Java Jo's)
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To prevent possible penalties, the ESR provisions offer a Safe Harbor method which is designed to establish the status of an employee and determine if coverage should be provided. There are three periods that compose the Safe Harbor method.

  • Look-back measurement period – Allows employers to select a standard measurement period for ongoing employees. This can be three to 12 months and is used to keep track of employee hours and whether newly hired, ongoing, seasonal or variable employees should receive coverage Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Administrative period – Can follow the look-back measurement period and consists of up to 90 days to identify, notify and enroll eligible employees in coverage.
  • Stability period – When employees actually receive coverage. The stability period for full-time employees must be at least six months and at least as long as the look-back period. For non-full-time employees, the stability period must be the same or shorter than the look-back measurement period.

After the stability period, the employer can decide if the employee still meets the full-time eligibility requirements.

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