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4 Ways to Simplify Open Enrollment

This year, prepare and plan for the easiest open enrollment ever –  both for you and the employees.
It’s that time of year again, the dreaded enrollment season where HR professionals have to make important decisions about the company benefits for the upcoming year. Traditionally, HR departments are under great stress this time of year, with an increase in tasks and no additional staff to shoulder the work. And with the rising cost of medical coverage, employees are dually under pressure to manage the decisions about their health and dental insurance.

AmCheck Opens New Office in Salt Lake City, UT

New SLC location marks AmCheck’s 11th location and 10th Payroll Processing Center

Phoenix, AZ – November 18, 2009 – AmCheck Corporation, a leading provider of payroll services and managed human resource and benefit solutions for employers of all sizes that utilize the services to maintain regulatory compliance and efficiency for all aspects of employee management, today announced it has opened a new franchise office in Salt Lake City, Utah. This particular location is in a market in which local employers are under-served by the current payroll services.

The Employment Situation in July: 2010

With recent pandemic flu outbreaks, some employers have grown confused as to which types of employee absences from work may be protected by the federal Family Medical Leave of Absence Act (FMLA).

Use Caution in Hiring and Firing

Avoid discrimination lawsuits

One of the advantages of outsourcing to a Professional Employment Organization PEO or Administrative Service Organization ASO such as AmCheck, is the fact that your PEO/ASO’s Human Resource Department can help you decipher some of the legal technicalities that exist as a result of Federal Legislation regarding discrimination.  This is part of the reason many PEOs may be involved in the process of hiring and firing at the worksite--it is one of many methods we use to protect you from risk of discrimination lawsuits.

Upgrade your status in work place

Improving Workplace Habits: Developing good workplace habits bring positive results

You can improve your status in the workplace by mastering a few positive habits and improving workplace habits. According to Andrea Nierenberg, corporate training consultant, just a few modifications in your work habits and developing good work habits can bring better self-esteem, a more efficient workday, and maybe even a pay raise.

Here are some suggested workplace resolutions for improving workplace habits:

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