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Are you giving Fair Employee Performance Evaluation and Appraisal for Employee Retention?

Everybody likes getting a good “report card.”  Unfortunately, our society’s educational grading process programs us to expect an “A” for average performance – for completing

all of our work on time and turning everything in.  You may encounter the same line of reasoning when it is time for employee evaluations.

Employees come to expect a top rating for average performance, and too often, supervisors are willing to give it to them.  As Jonathan A. Segal puts it, "Poor employees are evaluated as marginally competent…and good employees [are rated] worthy of sainthood."  The problem with the system is that it creates a liability for your company in the event that you terminate an employee for poor performance.

When an employee is evaluated as “marginally competent” when in fact his performance is substandard, the employer who dismisses him runs the risk of a discrimination lawsuit.  An employee evaluation which doesn't clearly spell out the problems that caused the employee’s dismissal is going to make the employer come out smelling foul in court.

How do you avoid sending mixed signals?  How do you evaluate employees fairly without damaging morale?  Consider some of the following possibilities:

  • Don’t focus entirely on the negative
  • Keep a running record
  • Administer discipline consistently
  • Let the employee rank him/herself

Choose your words carefully.  Train your supervisors to think about the possibility that someday they may be defending their criticisms in court, and to word them accordingly.

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