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Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check Services

AmCheck's pre-employment screening services will help you make the right hire, the first time around. From initial recruiting through to completion of hiring paperwork and government filings, AmCheck streamlines the process with the following services:

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Applicant tracking system

AmCheck's My Recruiting Center (MRC) is a web-based employee application system that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. MRC is scalable to accommodate any size of employer without a major investment and provides a central location and database for all recruitment efforts. It is designed for ease of use, efficiency, compliance and easier management of resumes and applicant information.

When you post a job opening to MRC, it will automatically be sent to hundreds of job boards and a URL will be created for your company website. When an applicant applies for the job from any source, his or her information will come into a central database for a ranking and pre-screening. The applicant data is stored for search and retrieval processes that comply with Equal Opportunity Employment laws.

Key functions of AmCheck's MRC include:

  • Access to hundreds of time-saving posting templates
  • Advertising on top job boards
  • Multiple applicant tracking in a single database
  • All applicants are pre-screened and ranked
  • Automatic tax credit screening
  • Affordable, one-click pre-employment background screening

See how AmCheck's MRC can help your pre-employment process.

Recruitment assistance

Finding the best candidates for almost all organizations often relies on external recruitment methods, as rapidly-changing business models demand skill and experience that cannot be sourced or developed quickly enough from the existing employee base. An AmCheck recruiter can help by delivering resumes for the top applicants directly to your inbox. AmCheck's pre-employment screening services allow you to:

  • Identify recruitment strategy
  • Efficiently respond to candidates
  • Shortlist applicants
  • Conduct aptitude testing
  • Run preliminary interviews
  • Verify references and qualifications

Recruiting Assistance packages start at $1500 and include up to 8 hours of recruiting support. Additional recruiting support is available upon request at an hourly rate of $75/hour.

Complete pre-employment background screening

AmCheck is one of the most timely and accurate pre-employment background check companies in the industry. By utilizing AmCheck's pre-employment background screening services, you can request and retrieve your investigations in electronic format quickly and securely. These investigations may include:

  • Credit report
  • Felony records
  • Civil history
  • Driving records
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification

Visit the background screening portal to learn more.

Pre-employment assessments and job fit indicators

Identifying, interviewing, hiring and retaining top talent is a bigger challenge today than ever before. Our applicant assessments provide job-match information that's not available anywhere else. These assessments are reliable, valid and offered at a very reasonable price. Because they are online, applicants can complete these assessments anywhere, anytime, providing you with immediate results.

Contact us with any questions regarding these assessments and sample reports:

  • The Profile XT: Assesses selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing and succession planning.
  • Profiles Sales Indicator: Selects, manages and trains salespeople. It measures five key qualities of successful salespeople and predicts performance in seven critical sales behaviors.
  • Step One Survey II: Lowers an employer's risk when hiring for positions of trust and responsibility by identifying drug-free job candidates with integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • Customer Service Perspective: Measures key customer service traits through eight behavioral characteristics and two proficiencies.
  • Profiles Customer Service Survey: Identifies behavioral qualities vital to outstanding customer service.
  • Profiles Performance Indicator: Measures five key personality traits and their impact on seven success factors to help you understand, motivate and manage your employees.
  • Profiles Team Analysis: Reports the attributes of each team member, shows the team's strengths and alerts the team leader to potential problems.
  • CheckPoint 360°: Quantifies a participant's competencies and identifies ways to enhance skills.
  • CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series: Helps managers improve their professional growth and success with 18 self-paced, self-improvement programs.

E-verify and new hire reporting

AmCheck's own FEDVerify system is designed to keep employers in compliance with the federal and state work authorization and immigration reform law. Our one-of-a-kind system automatically notifies and provides instruction for each and every step of compliance associated with the verification process. Through our web-based application, you instantly receive everything you need to hand out to your employees. With AmCheck's pre-employment screening services, e-verification is easy with these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Receive information kit and have training call
  • Step 2: Hire employee, fill out I-9 and fax or email to AmCheck
  • Step 3: AmCheck reviews I-9 for errors and reports completeness and accuracy
  • Step 4: AmCheck verifies 1-9 info against DHS and SSA databases
  • Step 5: AmCheck emails you the Confirmation or Non-Confirmation status
  • Step 6: AmCheck provides instant Non-Confirmation-specific instructions to employer and employee

Immigration laws can take away business licenses for failure to comply, so it is vital e-verification is done properly. To help you stay compliant, AmCheck offers all employee notices in English and Spanish and is always available to assist.

Design for new hire orientation packages

AmCheck offers a standard kit of essential new hire information that includes all of the necessary documents and forms needed for your new employees. We can also add and customize other key documents, such as your company's drug policy, employee handbook, safety policy and insurance paperwork. For that extra professional touch, AmCheck can create a tailored, electronic new hire orientation presentation for your organization.

All of our pre-employment screening services were created to work seamlessly with our payroll solutions. Your dedicated AmCheck service representative will be a resource for you across all of the AmCheck services you utilize.

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