Increasing Your Hire Power

Employee Hiring Assessment Services- Tips to efficient employee hiring.

Had trouble hiring a qualified employee lately?  If so, you certainly aren’t alone.

The current low unemployment rates (as low as 3% in some states), coupled with an increased demand for employees with better-than-average job skills, making the hiring pool “shallower” than ever.

Placing a want-ad is no longer an effective means of finding qualified people–the competition for superb employees is just too fierce.  Try using a less-obvious approach when you are searching for the perfect candidate.  Jaqueline Lynn recommends the following procedures in an article published in the September 1997 issue of Entrepreneur


It’s not what you know but who you know
This axiom, common among job-search candidates, applies for employers as well.  Your personal and private acquaintances are a great network for “word-of-mouth” advertising when you have a job opening.

Employee referrals
Your employees themselves are a great resource for recommendations of individuals with appropriate skills.  Consider offering a cash bonus for any employee who recommends a candidate who is hired.

Age is wisdom
Some of the best employees are retiree’s who are looking for extra income or a way to fill time.  Post notices at your local senior citizen’s center.

Use an employment agency or an appropriate job bank
You will save time and money taking advantages of the fact that most agencies pre-screen their job candidates.  Also, professional associations often maintain a job bank that could be a good source if you are interested in employees with specific skills–even potential candidates that live outside of your area.

Be sure your compensation package is at or above industry standards
Enrolling with a Personal Employer Organization may dramatically increase the scope and variety of benefits and “perks” you can offer your employees.

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