Making your workplace a Drug Free Workplace

Free Workplace Act

Small Businesses are the newest draftees in the U.S. Government’s War Against Drugs, as new legislation regarding drugs in the workplace has recently become federal law. 

Sponsored by Rep. Robert Portman (R-Ohio), the Drug-Free Workplace Act is intended to make drug-free workplaces a reality.  While up to 98% of Fortune 200 companies have drug-free workplace policies, only 3% of smaller businesses do.  The goal of Portman’s legislation is to close this gap.

Portman’s theory is that small businesses recognize the need for drug-free workplace programs, but they lack the resources to implement them.  Estimates are that increased workers’ compensation premiums, the cost of replacing stolen inventory, and lost productivity (all recognized hazards of worksite drug abuse) result in the loss of $200 billion annually.  Portman hopes to reduce those losses.

Just as the government provides assistance in writing business plans and providing loans for small businesses, it is in a logical position to offer assistance to small businesses that want to institute drug-free policies.

We can put you in touch with agencies that are prepared to help you as a result of this legislation, and we are able to offer additional assistance to you in your efforts to make your workplace a “drug-free workplace zone.”

Protecting your profits and your employees against difficulties caused when one of your workers deals with a substance abuse problem is a hefty responsibility.  It is one of many concerns we are prepared to help you deal with.

Contact a representative in our Human Resources Department for more information about what advantages we can offer your company in the war against drugs.

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