NEED HELP? – Let Our Employee Assistance Program Give You a Lift

We all have our moments when we feel like there’s no way to cope.  Some of us have those moments every day.  Carol Anderson (not her real name) is one of those people.  The recent unexpected death of her spouse has left her struggling to maintain balance.  She cares for her elderly mother at home, and has been left to shoulder some of her husband’s business debts.  To top things off, she’s discovered her teenage son has a drug problem. Little wonder that her productivity level at work is suffering.

When employee performance suffers, our Employee Assistance Program may be able provide some of the answers you lack.  In a time of crisis, access to confidential help and counseling can be invaluable. We can put your employees in touch with professionals who can assist them with everything from coping with a robbery to dealing with personal bankruptcy, managing elder and dependent care, or overcoming smoking or alcohol dependency.

For more information on how we can help you provide these valuable services to your employees, contact AmCheck.

Employee Assistance Options

  • Alcohol & Drug dependency counseling
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Chronic or terminal illness support systems
  • Mental illness resources
  • Excessive Indebtedness counseling
  • Assistance with family members with disabilities
  • Dependent Care resources
  • Work-Life programs