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Employee Assessment Services: Use skills assessments testing to help the “weed out” process

Jose manages the IT department in a large firm that has been hit hard by the slow economy. 

The firm was forced to do some significant downsizing, so the company’s workforce was cut back to “subsistence levels.”  Recent improvements in the economy have finally given the company some breathing room, so Jose is looking to fill two key positions—one for a programmer, and one for the call center.

If Jose thought he was busy before, the response to his ad (over 250 resumes total) has him completely overwhelmed.  Jose knows he can’t afford to make a poor hiring decision right now, and he doesn’t have time to comb through all of those resumes for employee assessment looking for candidates that are truly the best qualified.

“The flood of applications submitted by job seekers is actually causing problems for those organizations that are not properly equipped to deal with increased levels of job seeker activity,” according to Charles Handler, PhD.  “This has created a situation in which many companies are squandering their chance to catch the best fish in the talent pool because they are not properly equipped for employee hiring assessment and to identify the most-qualified applicants.”

Fortunately, Skills Assessments testing have made the “weeding out” process much simpler for managers like Jose.  Our company can now offer “skills assessment” testing for a variety of job positions.  Your applicants will spend a few minutes taking a test that will provide you with a comprehensive report that will clarify each applicant’s proficiency in specific skills.  Reports document proficiency by skill type, task type, question level and the time it took the applicant to answer each question.

Jose could reasonably cut his applicant pool down to 15 people or less for each position, then invest a few hours in careful interviewing, and find the individual best suited for each new job. He’ll save lots of time, and he’ll sleep easier knowing he’s making an informed hiring decision.

We can put this same technology to work for you.  Please call today for more information.

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