That was Then

Temporary Staffing Services: Is your vision of the temp staffing service industry still “Old School”?

The Old Days

The way it is now

Temps were used primarily as replacements for sick and vacationing clerical workers Companies now use temps in more highly-skilled positions and in more strategic ways, such as handling work overload or for strategic projects as complicated as company mergers
Temps were warm bodies you bought for a short amount of time


A recent study by the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services (NATSS) indicates 56% of temporary assignments last more than 11 weeks  (11% last longer than a year)
The temporary workforce numbered about 800,000 Today, the temporary workforce is made up of more than 2.4 million workers-2% of the national workforce!
Temps were the folks who couldn’t get work anywhere else Temps have become a great way to find full-time employees.  More than one-third of all temporary accounting assignments turn into full-time positions

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