Upgrade your status in work place

Improving Workplace Habits: Developing good workplace habits bring positive results

You can improve your status in the workplace by mastering a few positive habits and improving workplace habits. According to Andrea Nierenberg, corporate training consultant, just a few modifications in your work habits and developing good work habits can bring better self-esteem, a more efficient workday, and maybe even a pay raise.

Here are some suggested workplace resolutions for improving workplace habits:

  • Respond to everyone in a timely manner. Return all phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours. This applies to clients, co-workers, boss, etc.
  • Say “thank you.” Be specific as you express sincere appreciation. Do something extra to let others know you value their assistance. Gratitude fosters workplace harmony.
  • Improve your communication skills.  Listen well when you’re spoken to. Repeat or paraphrase what was said. Let others know that they and their concerns are important to you.
  • Appreciate uniqueness. Learn to enjoy the different personalities in your workplace. Take time to talk and deal with people in their own “language.” If someone prefers communicating by e-mail, send your message online. If another requires a paper memo, write it.
  • Create and follow agendas. Meetings with agendas keep everyone on the “same page,” and meeting time to a minimum. Avoid the human tendency to deviate to irrelevant topics.

Don’t get discouraged as you take on some or all of these resolutions. Studies have shown that behavior becomes habit only after an average of 30 days of practice.

Focus on one modification at a time. Master it, and then add another. As you work towards improving workplace habits, even if the desired pay raise is slow in coming, you will find more joy and more opportunity in your current employment.

Source: Jaine Carter and James D. Carter, “Upgrade your position in workplace,” The Washington Times, HR News Wire.

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