Why Leave Hiring to Chance?

Employee assessment tools – What to do when professionalism and personality collide

Are you good or are you lucky?  Would you take $10,000.00 of your company’s money to the casino and let it ride on one bet? How many times might you be able to do this before the odds put you into a losing situation? Are you gambling with the company’s money by filling open positions without first testing applicants?

It is clearer than ever before that running a successful and profitable business hinges on hiring the right people. Selecting the best candidate is a major responsibility. It is also a great opportunity! It’s an opportunity to build a highly productive team, ensuring growth and tremendous success. In the New York Times best seller, “GOOD TO GREAT”, Jim Collins, a renowned business research author, makes it clear. “You must start by getting the right people on the bus.”

Consider this…

The cost of recruiting, screening, hiring, training and then losing an employee is unquestionably high. Ultimately, managers today will be evaluated on their contributions and performance. To achieve the efficiency and productivity expected, managers must learn to “improve the chances” of hiring the right person the first time.  Like a roll of the dice, a hiring decision can be unpredictable.

Most managers don’t take advantage of technology that exists to “get better odds” in making selection decisions. Employee assessment tools can help “hedge the bet”. Whether the position is in accounting, a call center, an industrial environment or healthcare, technology is available to assess a wide variety of skills.

This technology allows managers to measure candidate skills with greater certainty.  It’s convenient. Candidates can test from a computer with an Internet connection at any time. Instant results are available, providing comprehensive reports that include proficiency rated by skill type, task type and category.

Take care to ensure that testing is validated. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires that screening tests are applied with impartiality to protect applicants from discriminatory employment procedures.

  • Is the skill being tested vital for job performance?
  • Does the skill or trait measured influence successful performance of the job?
  • Is the question content related to performance of a particular job or duty?

Multiple employee assessment tools and skill testing systems are available. Proper due diligence and professional implementation of a skill and assessment process most beneficial to your organization is of utmost importance.

  • What types of assessment tools are needed?
  • What about future flexibility? (Change is inevitable)
  • How much does it cost to implement?
  • How much time does it add to the process?
  • Can it be outsourced effectively?

With hiring tools like this available to you, why leave anything to chance?

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