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My account director, is so helpful. She is always available to answer all my 1,000 questions while being extremely kind and understanding. Submitting my payroll is always seamless and it gives me peace of mind that it is being handle with the utmost professionalism and care. - Leilani B
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Workers Comp Risk Reduction Services

Workers Comp Settlement & Employee Health Risks Management Services

AmCheck can assist you by handling your issues and concerns related to injury and employee wellness. Let our OSHA-certified risk managers design and implement a plan for your organization.

We start from the ground up with a thorough analysis of your current situation, needs and concerns. This is an important phase, as it sets the tone and the foundation for what type of plan we need to devise.

Let us inspect your property, facility or job site. It is amazing what a trained eye can see, and our experts bring or provide a safety checklist to cover it all.

After we analyze and inspect, we assist you in educating your employees about safety.

This is the most important factor in keeping injuries to a minimum. AmCheck can help with ways to keep your employees alert and aware all of the time.

AmCheck offers nationwide workers compensation risk reduction services, get a quote.

For more information on AmCheck's workers compensation risk reduction services, contact an AmCheck workers compensation service specialist at 1-888-AMCHECK.

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