Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Manager

AmCheck's Affordable Care Act Compliance Manager allows you to easily comply with regulations

Our system ensures your employer sponsored plans meet ACA, state, and federal compliance standards. We offer a comprehensive process of tracking, calculating and producing compliance forms along with real time visibility of employee status. All with the push of a button.

Intuitive, Robust, Efficient

An end-to-end ACA solution with workflow built into the employee's life cycle

Monitoring begins when employees are hired

Observing employee's profile or changes in profiles from the start ensures ACA compliance is happening behind the scenes.

Track through time and attendance compilations

Constant validation of employee's time worked on variable hour employees ensures that fluctuations are observed.

Validation includes employee benefit enrollment elections

Our robust benefit enrollment capabilities allow for easy tracking of eligibility, offers of coverage, affordability and much more.

Produce measureable results

It’s not just integrated, it’s built-in

AmCheck clients receive the most comprehensive solution on the market to help you handle vital aspects of the ACA, including determining eligibility, calculating affordability, and providing a robust regulatory management solution that helps recognize and address compliance issues before they become problematic.

World Class Capabilities

Native to our system, it communicates with all of our system human capital management processes — Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance and Leave Administration.

Supported By Experts

Affordable Care Act compliance is an evolving and perpetual requirement. Our experts will assist in the implementation and ongoing service aspect that's needed with the ACA, and nobody compares to AmCheck's customer service levels.

Stay on top of the ACA Changes with AmCheck

Make the best use of your time and money with AmCheck's solutions.

Our System Knows The Rules

We'll work with you to modify the system with your various policies, so you don't have to. You already have most of the elements needed to start automating the process.

It's all Inclusive for Peace of Mind

All of the components in our ACA Dashboard are fully functional and streamlined, making sure you have everything covered.

Optimized for success

Our system will intuitively guide you through streamlined Affordable Care Act Compliance

AmCheck's offers a robust Affordable Care Act solution that keeps you in compliance

Discuss your ACA needs with an AmCheck consultant

Integrated ACA for successful, efficient regulatory compliance


Technology, Service, and Support for the Life Cycle of Employment

The Payroll Service with all-in-one services that discerning employers require today, along with distinct advantages over our competitors.

Leading Edge Technology

We continually advance our technologies to deliver on our mission to make online employee management more effective each day, always keeping in the forefront, mobility, security, and integrity.

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Unparalleled Managed Services

AmCheck doesn’t only offer a vast service selection, we provide one point of contact so our representatives know our customers' names. We’re flexible, friendly and SSAE 16 SOCI Type II compliant.


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