Performance Management

Simple to Use Employee Performance Reviews

Flexibility to create completely customized performance reviews to fit the your organization's needs

It's up to you to help your employees evolve and advance at your organization

The tools to maximize successful performance reviews at your company.

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Configure your Goals & Objectives

Every business is different and so are the goals, so make sure your employee goals align to your bottom line.

Customize Questions and Rating System

Have the answers that give you the feedback to effectively evaluate each employee.

Automated Schedule at any Frequency

It's so automated and effortless that surely you will increase the frequency of performance reviews.

Produce measureable results

Organize and automate to maximize each employee's potential

Performance reviews give management the necessary feedback to effectively help employees become and remain productive, contributing members of the organization.

It's Built-in. Important metrics are all in one place.

All employee data is fully integrated into the performance reviews of the system. It's easy to generate a list filtered to your specifications. Additionally, you can easily view reports showing your top and bottom performers.

Streamlined and user-friendly.

With the performance review wizard your managers will be alerted via email and via employee self-service messaging, to perform an online review. When they begin the review the wizard will prompt them easily through to completion.

Create a unique performance review culture

AmCheck Consultants will work with you to configure perfect performance review questions and ranking system, we'll even give you some great ideas.

Keep Company Goals in the Forefront

We'll work with you to make the experience perfect. You already have most of the elements needed to start automating the process.

Highly Configurable and Customizable

Don't get stuck with form questions, you need what works for your company.

Optimized for success

Starting with some configuration with your AmCheck consultants, performance reviews will be ready to make a difference in your organization.

Managing Performance Reviews with AmCheck is easy

Discuss your company's employee performance review needs with an AmCheck consultant today.

Have every performance review be a meaningful one for both you and your employees


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