Access Designed for Specific User Roles

System Access Portals for Executives, Administrators, Managers, Employees, Insurance Brokers and More.

Access controls defined around roles and privileges, restricting system access to authorized users

User roles to maximize successful data viewing, editing or reporting.


Our system is robust so partitioning access by user makes handling duties clear and concise

Employees and Managers

Employees are able to access and maintain their profiles online, reducing the burden on the managers and administrators. Managers can access and work on departments they supervise.

Brokers or Agents

Allows your broker to access important information such as active and terminated participants, current census report and more. They can even receive alerts for new participants.

Logically Organized and Accessible User Roles

Role Based Payroll and HR information

Information is allowed on a "need to know" basis, the way it should be for payroll and human resources.

Highly Configurable

Within some guidelines we'll give you the ability to make the user roles just how you want. Many fields and reports are limited or enabled to best suit your unique organization.

Information and Reporting Efficiency

By allowing the proper access and controls to the right data, you will be lessening the burden on a single person or department and will become highly agile and systematic.

Users giving AmCheck high marks from great experience

Delegate work through roles and privileges created for various job functions

Empowered Users

User rights by simply assigning appropriate roles to the user's account; this simplifies common operations. Multiple roles may be assigned to a user.

Maintain Hierarchal Integrity

The use of Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) to manage user privileges within a single system or application is widely accepted as a best practice. You can expect an increase in benefits per employee from reduced employee downtime and more efficient provisioning of duties.

User Roles Optimized for Success

Web Access, Reporting and more is defined around roles and privileges

Configuring User Roles with AmCheck is Simple

Discuss system access desires with an AmCheck Representative today.

Have every user experience, an efficient and meaningful one.


Technology, Service, and Support for the Life Cycle of Employment

The Payroll Service with all-in-one services that discerning employers require today, along with distinct advantages over our competitors.

Leading Edge Technology

We continually advance our technologies to deliver on our mission to make online employee management more effective each day, always keeping in the forefront, mobility, security, and integrity.

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Unparalleled Managed Services

AmCheck doesn’t only offer a vast service selection, we provide one point of contact so our representatives know our customers' names. We’re flexible, friendly and SSAE 16 SOCI Type II compliant.


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